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The first blog post – it does exist! The idea of creating a blog has been pushed back into the depths of  my “To-Do List”. Over the years there have been sparks, not even light bulbs, but the faintest flickers of ideas that pop-up and remind me that I’d like to start a blog for the agency. There were even more extinguishers that would overpower those “sparks” and leave me discarding the task of beginning for another day. The main one being, “I do not have the time or energy to be consistent in writing, much less writing something of quality that my clients and colleagues would care to read.” So, off into the future goes the idea of creating written content for anyone to find and read on our website. 

No more! Finally, I’m starting this. If not now, probably never. Maybe my next blog post won’t be for another month. Maybe it will happen next week. After all, I enjoy writing and frequently have ideas that need to be expressed in a format like this. If 50% of what I write is worth its weight in “0’s” and “1’s” then I’ll be happy. Most of it will likely be basic ideas around small business ownership, managing professional relationships and networks, caring for family and friends, serving our communities, and occasionally a thought or two about insurance. I don’t have outrageous hopes for this blog to win any awards or be shared by the masses. I merely want a place to share what is on my mind in regards to the family business and the developments of my friends and colleagues in my communities. The style will be inconsistent. The level of detail and creativity may look like a roller-coaster. My wife and mother may be the only readers of any post I write! That would be just fine. All I really aim to accomplish is the self’-publishing of the beginning of my “journey” as a writer and that I might be of some help to somebody along the way. 

 I am honored and privileged to be in a position to perpetuate my family’s legacy, the family business: Smith & Sons Insurance Agency. For so long there has been a Smith helping their neighbors with insurance near Lawton. From my unique perspective and position in the company’s history, I am able to easily utilize our modern technology and share the past, present and future of this legacy. I’m going to try to not grade myself too harshly, but make my Dad (Jeff), Uncle Clark, Grandfather Wayne and Great-grandfather Walter (and all of our family) proud of their long careers in this company. At the rate of change we are experiencing in today’s world, there is always more of the story to tell and a decreasing amount of time for me to say it. 

4th generation of Smith & Sons Insurance Agency
Ryan W. Smith

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